Don Rose Piano Tuning
3004 Grant Road
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4S 5G7
Tel: 1-888-29-TUNER
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Welcome to my website!

I am a well-trained, expert technician who was invited to be on the development team for a break through in piano tuning systems using computers. I was the only Canadian on the team. I have been the tuner technician for the Saskatchewan Center of the Arts since 1990 and have held the position longer than any other previous technician. I am a craftsman member of the Piano Technicians Guild and a founding member of The Canadian Association of Piano Technicians. My tuning career has taken me as far North as Iqaluit, Nunavut, as far East as England, as far south as Australia, but my home base is Saskatchewan. I use the Internet to keep abreast of the latest developments in my chosen field and have been published in the Piano Technicians Journal. I have often been invited to be a clinician at workshops and conventions. I have been doing research into pianos and stability for some years now and have formulated some theories, which may prove very useful to other skilled technicians. My professional musical career started at age 15 in Regina and included being a free lance violinist in Toronto. My qualifications include a Bachelor of Music Degree and two Associate Diplomas. I am still active as a performing musician. I offer prompt courteous value added services to my large clientele. I prefer a "team" approach to many of the aspects of piano maintenance, involving the owner in the process working with me on many different tasks. I hope to be of service to you in the future.


Don Rose, B.Mus., A.M.U.S., A.MUS., R.M.T., R.P.T.
Tuner for the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts
3004 Grant Rd.
S4S 5G7
306-352-3620 or 1-888-29T-UNER

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